Cooling Tower

FRP Cooling Towers

Induced draft FRP cooling towers with fills & drift eliminators includes mechanical equipment for easy maintenance & ex− tended life.
FRP construction Cooling Towers ranging from 5 CuM/Hr. to 500 CuM/Hr. per Cell and 10 TR to 600 TR /Cell capacity in Direct Drive / Belt Drive or Gear Drive arrangement.
• We supply packaged Tower up to 100 TR.
• Optimized as well customized design.
• FRP Power saving Fan Assembly.
• High−efficiency PP Ring Fill / Honeycomb Block Fill.
• High efficiency PVC “C” Type Eliminator.
• Ex−stock spares available & assuring fast after Sales Service.
• Robust FRP Casing & Fan Cylinder for the long run.
• Customised Hardware.
• Newly designed clog−free Nozzles for consistent water distribution.

FRP Cooling Towers Preferred Spares and Parts:

PP Ring Fill
Fills are clog−free in nature. Highly efficient for heat removal. These fills can be used for soft water as raw water.

Bearing Housing Assembly
For power transmission

PP Nozzle
Designed for proper uniform hot water distribution.

Mechanical Equipment Support
Robust construction for life application.

PVC Drift Eliminator
High Efficiency eliminator to reduce Drift losses.

Fan Assembly
Fans are Power saving & Energy Efficient designed particularly for industrial Cooling Tower function, presenting different advantages above other categories of fans. The wide blade design is very well suitable for the low noise function, delivering greater airflow and pressure ability at reduced speed. The coat of the fan is made with specially selected fiberglass-reinforced vinyl to facilitate color for smooth distribution across the protection. The hollow blades are designed with a profound section of airfoil make the Fan physically powerful, so far light, and easy to hold.

PVC Film Fill
Film type fill composed of thermoformed corrugated sheets prepared of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), anti fungus and prevent biological attack. The sheets are bonded to shape modules which can be dimensioned to go with any application. Each module consists of vertically channeled straight and corrugated surfaces, to avoid contact between the sheets, hence eliminating water concentration. The horizontal corrugations and their location within the sheet promote optimum mixing of air and water. The flutes in the fill are vertically and aerodynamically shaped resulting in a reduction of pressure drop.

Induced Draft Wooden Cooling Tower

Induced draft wooden cooling towers with high efficiency fills & eliminators,FRP fan cylinder & high performance designed FRP fan assembly includes spiral bevel gear box & drive shaft.
Wooden construction Cooling Towers ranging from 50 CuM/Hr. to 1000 CuM/Hr. per Cell capacity in Belt Drive or Gear Drive arrangement. Wooden Cooling Towers are gener− ally supplied in Cross Flow Design. Counter Flow Cooling Tower can also be designed.
• We supply Wooden Cooling Towers as per Customers requirement in single cell & multi cell.
• Power saving Fan Assembly in FRP / Cast Aluminium materials.
• High efficiency PVC / Timber Splash Bar.
• High efficiency PVC Eliminator.
• Power saving, Low noise Gear Drive System.
• Easy maintenance belt drive system.
• Customised Hardware.
• Ex− stock spares available and assuring fast after Sales Service.

Wooden / RCC Cooling Towers Preferred Spares and Parts:

Heavy Duty Gear Box
For optimum power transmission. Available in different ratios according to applicable design.

Drive shaft assembly
Used to transmit power.

Neoprene Rubber Bush
For smooth rotation of coupling & drive shaft.

PVC Splash bar
Optimized design to remove maximum heat.

Target Nozzle
For clog free hot water distribution.

PVC Drift Eliminator
High Efficiency eliminator to reduce drift losses.

Bolt, Nut, Washer, U bolts, Coach screw in HDG & SS construction..

Our Cooling Towers are running in following application:

• Steel and Allied Industries
• HVAC System
• Air Conditioning Application & Compressor
• Melting & Induction Furnace
• Ferro Alloy Plants
• Rolling Mill & Sponge Iron Plant
• DG Set and Power Plant Application
• Pulp & Paper Mills
• Plastic & Textile Industries
• Chemical Process Plant
• Cement,Food & Beverages
• Oil & Gas Industries
• Hospital,Defence and Railway
• Malls and Clubs