Process Modelling & Design

Cognitech Group of Industries strongly believes that any engineering task should be preceded by a solid feasibility analysis, whose basic foundation is laid down by process modelling. The outcomes from the feasibility analysis lay down the building blocks for basic engineering, which is followed by detail engineering and erection/commissioning. This is truly an example of 'concept to commissioning'.

Basic & Detailed Engineering

The organisation provides clients with engineering expertise throughout the project lifecycle, from feasibility studies and scope documents to design conceptualisation, construction management and post-construction evaluations. Its objective is to provide integrated, client-driven consulting engineering and design solutions that help companies attain a competitive edge in the market.
The team of professionals has the best resources and proficiency in delivering fast and accurate results that ensure value addition at every stage of work, contributing to the project’s success.
Basic and Detailed Engineering studies comprise the following:

Basic Engineering
• Preparation of conceptual schemes and system design
• Sizing and selection of equipment and facilities
• Preparation of plant layout
• Assessment of infrastructure requirement

Detail Engineering
• Civil Engineering

Design and Drawings of Civil Work:
   Detail Engineering Drawings for Foundation of SMS Shed & CCM Shed.
   Detail Engineering Drawings for Induction Furnace Platform Foundation & Building.
   Detail Engineering Drawings for Induction Furnace Crucible Foundation.
   Detail Engineering Drawings for Overhead Water Tank for Furnace & CCM.
   Detail Engineering Drawings for Underground Water Reservoirs of raw water and soft water for Furnace and CCM.
   Detail Engineering Drawings for Pump House & Laboratory Building for Furnace & CCM.
   Detail Engineering Drawings for CCM Foundations, Conveyor Foundation, Cooling Bed Foundation, Control Room and Scale Pit etc.
   Detail Engineering Drawings for Foundation of Sub-Station Building.
   Detail Engineering Drawings for Foundation of Transformers.

• Structural Steelwork

Design and Drawings of Extension of Structural Work:
   Detail Fabrication Drawings for SMS & CCM Shed columns.
   Detail Fabrication Drawings for SMS & CCM Shed Roof Truss.
   Detail Fabrication Drawings for SMS& CCM Shed Crane Gantry Girder.
   Detail Fabrication Drawings for Lean to Shed.
   Detail Fabrication Drawings for Shed Purlins, Bracings, and Louver Brackets for SMS & CCM Shed.

• Electric Power Systems
• Process Automation & Instrumentation

   Basic Engineering- SLD, I/O List, Configuration, Instruments
   Detail Engineering- Equipment-GA,Scheme,BOM, DataSheet.
   Installation Engineering- Route, Schedule, termination table

• Piping systems
• Environmental control systems
• Plant Engineering

   Main Process
   Auxiliaries, Utilities
   Material Handling
   Automation and Instrumentation Installation